Because picking a new doggy up from the airport can be confusing, we wanted to provide a blog post with some essential tips and things to pack to make your rescue doggy pick up a breeze! Because all airports are very different, please be sure to find your airports International Arrivals terminal as all dogs arriving from Asia will be landing there.

Items to Pack-

  • Scissors to cut door zip ties.
  • Food, water, treats for car ride home.
  • Bowls for food and water.
  • Collar and leash.
  • $5-10 cash to tip airport staff that rolls dogs out.
  • Car large enough to fit the dog’s crate, it can not stay at airport.
  • Blankets for car.
  • Dog wipes in case the dog has poopy or peed on paws from the long flight.

How to Find The Dog-

  1. Arrive to the International Arrivals terminal 30 minutes before flight lands.
  2. Find information booth and ask where the pet relief station is.
  3. Also, ask info booth where your flight # will exit so you can be at the correct location.
  4. Check the arrivals screen for your dog’s flight so you know when it lands and if on time.
  5. Wait outside exit doors, customs clearance can take from 30 minutes up to 2 hours.
  6. Once you see pet crates exit, check to see if those are your dogs!
  7. If they are, guide worker to the location you want the dog to exit. Close to potty station is ideal.
  8. Once the dog is rolled out, tip the worker $5-10 cash, he will then leave.
  9. Make sure the crate is sturdy and level, cut any zip ties off, set up food and water station.
  10. Grab leash and collar to prepare for opening crate.
  11. Open metal crate slowly, if dog is scared or does not want to exit, leave them inside until ready.
  12. Once door is open, do not remove dog until 100% secured with leash and collar. Remove.
  13. Take to potty area ASAP, let potty 5 minutes then return to get food and water.
  14. Because airports are hectic, the sooner you can leave, the better OR find a quiet area to unwind.
  15. Once ready to leave, pull car to curb, load crate and dog and go!

Overall, it will be a wild 15 minutes or so but once the above is complete it should be smooth sailing. If you run into any problems, feel free to text or call us at any time! 858-630-7420, thank you for helping out a doggy in need. For other important blogs, please check out-