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Who We are

Founders of Bunny’s Buddies

After years of feeling helpless and heartbroken by the dog meat trade, this husband and wife duo decided to take their love for animals to the next level by starting Bunny’s Buddies, a San Diego, CA-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that transports slaughterhouse surviving dogs over to the USA in hopes to place them into loving new homes.

Without ever knowing it, having an animal rescue or sanctuary was a childhood dream of both Amanda and Kyle’s before the two had ever even met. While both have an immense love for animals, the level of intensity only heightened the more they were together, ultimately leading them to combine their passion into starting this new venture.

Bunny's Buddies Dog Rescue

How It Works

Once dogs are rescued by our China-based partners, they enter a 2-month quarantine period to ensure they’re healthy enough to travel and enter into the USA.

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Health Examinations

Once quarantined, all of the rescued dogs are seen by local Veterinarians for medical treatment and to receive their required vaccinations and spay or neuter.

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Ready For Travel

Once cleared for travel, we work with flight volunteers to actually fly the dogs over from Asia to the USA in which they are then placed into loving new homes.

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current causes

Interested in helping us help these innocent animals out?
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Dogs Saved


Homes Found

Saved Dogs

Checkout some of our recent rescues! All of these glorious dogs were rescued
from slaughterhouses, in collaborations with various organizations in Asia!

Dog DNA Testing

One of the most fun parts of dog rescue, to me at least, is guessing all of the possible breeds your new pup might

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For every $800 raised, one dog can be saved!

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