Become a Volunteer

Do you share a love for helping animals as well? We are always in need of passionate and
dedicated volunteers both locally and remote. Please shoot us a message below!


1. Adopt or Foster

Rescuing dogs has various critical roles, however, placing dogs into forever homes, perfect for them is our top priority. If you are someone passionate about giving a dog a second shot at a happy life, please consider applying to adopt one of our rescues. We are constantly getting dogs in so even if we do not have one now, we will keep you on our list for later! To apply as a foster, read all about how it works here and then fill out the form below. To adopt, head here.

2. Flight Volunteers

The only way to get dogs from China to the USA is with flight volunteers. Often, we use people already traveling, with tickets already booked to these areas but as you can imagine, it’s hard to always have things line up perfectly. Because we are not a funded rescue and operate entirely from donations, Flight Volunteers usually fundraise on their own to cover their travel costs. This is an awesome way to get involved and to firsthand save a life. Each FV can save 5 dogs at a time so grab a friend and apply here today!

3. Donations

As mentioned above, we are not funded by any agency or group, therefore we are in constant need of donations and support. It costs us about $800 per dog saved. We have a donation link on our home page that anyone can share in hopes to raise more money from family and friends. At this time, we do not personally take 1 cent of donations and 100% are going into rescue missions around the World. If you can spare a few dollars, or take a moment to share our link, we are forever grateful. You can find it here.

4. Services Donated

Are you someone with a special skill, business or service you can donate to our cause? We would love to hear from you! From veterinarians and photographers to dog grooming and training, we’re always in need of dog-loving professionals to help keep our dogs happy, healthy and thriving. If you have a service you could donate, please contact us via form here!