Instruction & Process

1. Submit Application

Please only apply if you are ready to adopt now and your entire family is on board 100%. Before applying, please read our blog on What To Expect When Adopting for answers to all of the most common questions we get asked! Please keep in mind, these dogs come from extremely horrific conditions, starved, abused and neglected so they are only available for adoption to those that understand the workload and commitment needed for a dog rescued from the meat trade. These dogs are not domesticated pets as many expect them to be and we do not promise behavior, relationships with children or other pets, training or much of anything because there are too many underlying factors out of our control that need to be managed by the homes they enter. Ultimately, it comes down to you, what you give these dogs, you will get back 100 times so if you are not prepared to invest your all into rehabilitating a rescue dog, this process may not be for you.

If you are still interested in adopting after that, please fill out the form below, telling us a bit more about yourself and why you want to adopt one of our beloved rescues. Because there are literally thousands of dogs needing homes, we do not upload current dogs, instead, if approved, we will send you a match with the dog we feel would do best in your home! Please also only apply when you are ready to adopt as the process can take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months to complete and we need full flexibility during this time.

2. Interview Session

Once received, if you are a good fit, someone from our organization will be in touch to learn more about you to ensure you are the perfect fit for your Bunny’s Buddies rescue! Please note- we only fly dogs into LAX, JFK, ORD, SEA, and, SFO at this time. All of our flights rely on volunteers traveling, therefore, the flights must be direct and to one of those listed airports. Flights into LAX are the most common due to restrictions with Covid. Once dogs land to the USA, we do not arrange further transport, it would be up to the home to provide. Getting to these airports is very easy for someone motivated, many homes simply fly in and then rent a car and road trip home. This is also a great way to bond with your new pup!

3. Adoption Cost

To get each dog to the USA costs us about $600- $7,000 per dog depending on the dog’s health status and size so we ask that the new homes help cover those costs as much they can which is why there is an adoption cost. While the dog’s debt is much greater than the adoption cost in most cases, we use donations to cover any costs over the adoption cost, in an effort to make adoption more attainable. Typical adoption costs are in the $850 range but they can vary per dog. This cost includes all of your new pet’s airfare, medical treatments, spay/neuter, vaccinations, health exams, a crate to travel in, a pet care package full of supplies, and last, your brand new rescue pet. We do not profit one penny off any of our rescues, in fact, we lose money on most. Please also keep in mind there will be food costs and pet insurance so financially, you should plan to have a few hundred per month to spend on your pet’s proper care.

4. Contract

Once approved for your rescue, we will ask that you sign a contract that promises that, unlike all other humans that have failed them in the past, you will never leave their side. Rescue dogs need a ton of patience and TLC so we will only adopt to those who can promise this. Once your contract is signed, we then start looking for a flight for your new pup! Sometimes we find them as soon as that week, other times it can take a few months, depending on the dog’s location in Asia and your airport. Flights to LAX are the most common and easiest for us to get so if you can pick up from LAX, this process will move much quicker.