One thing we get a lot of push back on is the Bunny’s Buddies Travel requirements but, this is totally out of our hands so, we wanted to talk a bit more about that today for those that may feel that aspect is not doable. At first, this idea may sound crazy! Who can travel thousands of miles for a new rescue dog!? Most people would think that would just not be possible but the truth is, it’s pretty easy to figure out so, let’s get into it!

Getting our dogs from Asia to the USA is no easy task so, we know first hand how crazy these hurdles are as they are ones we have to overcome daily which is why we wanted to do a blog on all things Bunny’s Buddies Travel. The problem is, we rely on totally random strangers, already traveling so our flight options are very limited! This is why we require all applicants get to the landing destination and then, road trip back home.

This leads people to think that you can only adopt a rescue pup in your area, but in this blog, we will explain the Bunny’s Buddies Travel requirements so that anyone can adopt from out of state, if motivated! One of the best experiences you can have is traveling to pick up your pup and driving them home! And boy do these pups deserve it and more. They have been through so much trauma in their lives, taking a few days to get them home is an honor & privilege. Plus, picking up your rescue pup and driving home with them is one of the best ways to bond with your new family member.

Now that you’ve decided you’ll move mountains for your new rescue pup as they deserve, here is a breakdown of everything you need to know for a smooth ride home, from the best cars to rent to supplies you need to pack! 

How Many People Should Go?

It’s always best to have 2 people along for the adventure. This helps immensely when picking up your pup at the airport and getting them out of their crate. It is also an important part of the drive home. Your new pup needs time to decompress so you don’t want to be taking them to restaurants or coffee shops or leaving them alone in the car. 2 people ensures one person can always stay with your dog while getting food, gas or going to the bathroom.  It’s also key to switch off drivers, as one of you gets tired the other can take over. This is not required, however, it does make things a lot easier. Grab your partner, your sibling or your bestie and let’s go!

Pickup Options-

We do allow people to either fly in to the city the dog will arrive to OR you can drive both ways! The only issue is, we do NOT allow the dogs to fly again once they land as domestic air transport can be quite risky so you would need to be able to drive home with the dog at least one way back.

If you’re flying in to pick up your pup, be sure to book a flight you can cancel or reschedule! Most of the time flights go off without a hitch but international pup travel can be unpredictable and when they go sideways you just need to roll with it. Always plan to arrive the day before your dog is landing (whether you’re driving or flying in), this gives you & the rescue peace of mind that you will 100% be there to welcome your pup at the airport.

Once your pup has landed and is safe with you, driving home is always the way to go! The last thing you want to do is crate your dog again and make them endure another flight after they just spent 15+ confusing scary hours getting to you! Driving home they get to stretch out in comfort and get used to their new family, 

Bunny’s Buddies Travel Tips-

Rental cars – You’ll definitely want to rent a car large enough to fit your pup and their crate. A large SUV is ideal, so your pup has lots of room to stretch out & relax after such a long flight and then a long drive home. We’ve also had families rent mini-vans or even RVs, which is a fun option, but a roomy SUV will definitely do the trick. Some of our fav dog-friendly car rentals are BudgetAvis, and Hertz. Most rental car companies require the car to be fur & smell-free when it’s returned so make sure to bring a cargo cover, towels, blankets or even an old sheet to help keep the car clean.

Hotels – With two people driving, you could switch off the whole way home, especially if you’re in a hurry to get your pup home, but, if you want to take more time on the drive, a pet-friendly hotel/motel is a must. From the Sheraton to the Super 8 motel there’s a wide range of options. Here is a great website to help find pet-friendly accommodations- Bring Fido.

Supplies to pack – Along with a car cargo cover, towels & blankets for the car, here is a list of must-haves for your drive home!

What if my new rescue pup gets car sick?

Just like us, dogs can get varying degrees of car sickness. Most of the time you won’t know until you’re on your way if this applies to your new pup, but there are a few things you can have on hand just in case!

And last but certainly not least, 432 Hz calming music works wonders if your pup is anxious or having a hard time settling in the car, or even once you get home.  Listening to this calming frequency can naturally help relax your pup, lowering their blood pressure, heart rate, and nervous system.

Now that you have everything you need to road trip home with your new pup, all you need to do now is APPLY! Your pup is waiting patiently for you to say YES to giving a pup the love, adventures & family they so deserve. We sure hope these Bunny’s Buddies Travel tips helped make your next pup pickup a breeze!