Did you know, that just like us, dogs can actually enjoy and even benefit from music!? In humans, certain music has been found to ease depression and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and reduce the need for pain medication so it makes perfect sense that animals would benefit from its healing, stress-reducing effects as well! Before you grab your music and play your dog a song, we must also mention that not all music has the same calming effect and when selecting music for your pet, the frequency of the music is what matters the most!

Most mainstream music these days is tuned to 440 Hz and, while we might enjoy these popular songs on one level, they are actually out of tune with the natural world and greater universe. It has even been argued that 440 Hz music keeps us closed off from a higher sense of meaning and disconnected from our surroundings!

Which Frequency is Best?

Alternatively, more and more attention is being placed on the ancient tuning of 432 Hz (also known as Scientific Pitch, or “Verdi Tuning”) which may have the exact opposite effect! 

This frequency has been referred to by physicists and scientists as the heartbeat of the planet, as it is essentially in tune with the earth itself. It is known as the healing frequency since it can reduce anxiety and has even been said to have the power to bring us more in harmony with nature, increase our sense of wellbeing, assist with relaxation and improve our quality of life.

So, where am I going with all of this, and what does it have to do with our pups? Well if you’ve been following us, you’ll know that we’ve started playing 432 Hz music for our pups and with great results! With 5 dogs in one household, during especially chaotic times like quarantine means we need all of the peace-inducing tips we can get.

What To Expect From 432 Hz

As soon as we turn this music on our crew calms right down and an instant state of peace is created. You know how crazy it can get over here so listening to 432 Hz is pretty much a routine part of each day for us.

On a more serious note, when a pup is nervous, anxious, or stressed it can lead to inflammation in the body which can cause more serious medical issues if not addressed. Listening to this calming frequency can naturally help relax your pup, lowering their blood pressure, heart rate, nervous system, and, in turn, inflammation. While this is not a substitute for proper medical care, it sure is a tip we think you may have great results with!

Benefits of 432 Hz Music-

  • To create a peaceful home, great for bringing new pups home!
  • Whenever you leave them home alone, this may help calm nerves.
  • During thunderstorms, fireworks, or any loud events.
  • Helping a restless pup fall asleep.
  • At the vet while waiting for the doctor.
  • While riding in the car to help ease travel anxiety.

Where to Find 432 Hz Music?

Spotify has some great playlists specifically for your furry friend! YouTube also has some pretty cool options if you search “432 Hz for dogs“! And the best part is, while this music is healing & relaxing your pup, it’s helping you too! Win/win! We sure hope you love this tip, be sure to tag us in any videos of it working it’s magic so we can share! Here are some of our fav’s-