Congrats! If you are reading this, we will assume that you are about to be the proud new parent of a rescue dog and we could not be more excited for you! Because these animals are coming over from another country, here are some important things to remember when welcoming your new pet into your home. We always like to remind the new homes that it is a long and hectic flight over, please plan for your animal to be jet-lagged, confused, and in need of lots of quiet time while they’re adapting into their new home. To ensure his welcome is as smooth as possible, here are some helpful tips to remember!

  • Plenty of Rest- After a 15+ hour flight, your dog will need sleep. Please make a nice and quiet area they can relax and catch up on some ZzZzz. For the first 3 days, we would not suggest anything besides a quick bath and perhaps a vet visit.
  • Schedule a Vet Visit- While all of our dogs are seen by vets, their exams are brief and their treatment can be minimal. We always suggest booking an appointment within the first 24 hours to ensure your new pet is all checked out.
  • Stock up on New Supplies- To make sure your new pup is all set for when he arrives, we did a blog on our personal favorite supplies! From dog bowls and snacks to pet insurance and dental care, check out are all things dog prep blog here.
  • A Whole New World! Your rescue dog is entering a whole new world with new air, new smells, new sounds, new people, new languages, and more. Please give them lots of time to settle in and trust that their new home is safe and loving.
  • New Language- Don’t forget! These dogs probably do not speak much English! Many will know hand commands and visual cues but if your dog doesn’t respond to “come” or “sit” don’t be surprised!
  • Introducing to Your Pets- If introducing your new dog to a current dog, we suggest waiting a few days if possible. The longer the new dog can bond with you, the better. We also have a ton of tips on how to integrate new dogs into the home, click here to read!
  • Learning Their Eating Habits- Because your dog may be overwhelmed, plan for his eating and potty habits to be out of whack. He may not eat a ton, or he may be starved. Adjust accordingly! They may also have potty problems after holding it in for 15+ hours. If things are not balanced out after a few days, perhaps a vet visit would be beneficial.
  • Having Patience- One of the very best things you can give your dog right now is patience. He is overwhelmed, probably scared, not trusting, and needs time to figure this new arrangement out. Everyone warned us that our rescue dog would need time to settle in and I thought, how much time could he need? How much could a dog really change? Turns out, after just a few days, he was a totally different dog. So, if you see signs of aggression, stress, fear, trauma, isolation, etc… give him a solid few days of nothing but love and care and they should slowly but surely come out of their shell.

Overall, these are just some of the most important pointers to remember, however, it’s also critical to remember that with rescue dogs- anything can happen. We like to say prepare for the worst while hoping for the best! Some welcomings are better than others but eventually, all dogs, over time, learn to settle in and love their new homes. If you have any questions about this process, we are here to help just shoot us an email any time.

Good Luck with your new rescue!