If you are a true dog lover like I am, the 4th of July is more hectic than it is enjoyable and that is because fireworks are so very scary for most pups and instead of planning what I will be eating or drinking, I find myself planning how to keep them safe and comfortable instead.

In an effort to help you all help your pups make this 4th a breeze, here are some of my favorite tips I have gathered over the year, I sure hope they help and be sure to share these with everyone to keep their pups out of shelters and harm’s way.

  1. Pet Identification- Make sure your dog has proper identification with your current phone number or address. Even if you do not think your dog can get out, they can and do.
  2. Exercise Before– Having both a hyper and anxious dog will only make getting through the 4th harder so to ensure your dog is a bit more tired, be sure to get your play time in before fireworks.
  3. Keep Pets Inside- Never leave your dog outside to endure the loud noises alone. This is when they can get very spooked and forced into flight mode. They will do whatever it takes to run from the noises which include jumping tall fences, squeezing through small spaces or ending up in the pool at risk for drowning.
  4. Stay Home With Your Pet- Despite the 4th being a blast for humans when dogs are left alone to work through their fear, bad things can happen. If you can not stay home, ask a friend, family member or dog sitter to stay home with your pup to keep them safe.
  5. Drown Out the Noise- Shut all windows and doors and even consider turning on any AC or fans! Find the quietest room in the house and set up doggy camp. I like to turn on TV’s in every room, including music on speakers. The more noise, without being too loud, the better.
  6. Use Treats & Toys to Distract- Another great tip is to give them something to do while the fireworks are going off. A high-value toy, dog puzzle or treat should help keep their focus onto other things! Go to the butcher of your local store and ask them for some grass-fed, raw marrow bones. Pop these in the freezer for a treat that will keep them nice and busy all while cleaning their teeth! I also love the No Hide brown rice chews, the 7-inch size should keep them busy.
  7. Try Rescue Remedy- For those with very anxious pets, a dose of Rescue Remedy beforehand just might help take the edge off for your pup, in addition to all of the above! This is a homeopathic remedy you can just drop into your pet’s mouth to help with their anxiety!
  8. Get a ThunderShirt- This is a special jacket that you apply to your pup to help them feel more secure and safe during stressful times! The ThunderShirt jackets are hit or miss, some dogs with very bad anxiety do not find relief with this alone but hopefully, in addition to the above, you see some success. They do have a money back guarantee too!
  9. Love & Comfort- Sounds obvious but having you close by loving and supporting them makes a big difference. Try to not make it a big deal as they will feel your stress if you are stressed. Just relax, brush them, pet them, snuggle them and smile telling them it will all be ok!
  10. Car Ride- Another option I considered this year was to drive the pups somewhere I know fireworks will not be. If your pup has very bad anxiety, load everyone up and take a drive to your local mountains or areas less populated where no fireworks will be!

Overall, preparation is really key here so hopefully, these tips will help your pup get through the 4th of July as easily as possible this year. Have any other tips? Leave them in the comments below! XO

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  1. July 1, 2019


    Rusty is terrified of fireworks and shakes uncontrollably-I can visibly see how stressed it makes her. I camp out with her in one of the interior bathrooms that do not have any walls or windows to the outside. We make a bed on the floor and put on some Netflix. ♥️ 🐶

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