Growing up with a major love for animals, both Kyle and I have always known one day, we would own an animal sanctuary or rescue. I feel like many people have similar dreams but often, they get pushed to the side due to life getting in the way. Both Kyle and I are extremely busy people, both working more than 60+ hours at our full-time jobs, but last month, someone tagged me in a social media post that we knew we could not unsee and since then, our lives have never been the same. Sometimes it’s our pain that pushes us directly into our purpose and Bunny’s Buddies is exactly that- excruciating pain turned into a much-needed purpose.

Seeing the graphic videos of dogs being hung, burned, and boiled alive and learning the astonishing fact that over 30,000,000 dogs and cats are murdered each year, for human consumption, was a weight too heavy to bear. I found myself googling more and more and more and being obsessed with learning about their pain and trauma. For those not familiar with what I am talking about, take a moment to look into the Yulin Dog Festival and you will possibly understand what I felt. Outrage, despair, hopelessness. Part of me wanted to just cry and move on with my day as I normally would but this time, something was different.

Perhaps it’s been a long time coming. A pain I could only push aside for so long and when the time was right, it would present itself into what it is now- a newfound passion I plan to pursue until the end of time. These dogs are often domesticated pets, stolen from their homes and forced into captivity and torture. They are helpless and without us, they stand no chance. In many cultures, humans actually believe that the more the animal is tortured, the more tender the meat becomes so these animals are subjected to so much more than simply death.

I fully realize that animal abuse is something that happens worldwide which is why my lifestyle reflects a love for all animals. I support all organizations that are stepping up and doing their part to help, however, our personal passion is saving those in these agonizing scenarios full of prolonged and excruciating pain. One day, we hope to expand into a much larger organization that can help all animals in need.