Bunny’s Buddies Mission-

Did you know that in various parts of the world like China and Korea, they still consume dog meat, yes, they eat pets like Golden Retrievers, Corgis, Samoyeds etc… and it breaks our heart because they’re physically defenseless without our help. Not only are they murdered, they are brutally tortured, boiled, burned and skinned alive because many cultures believe the more the animal suffers, the more it tenderizes the meat.

Looking away or pretending it doesn’t happen is no longer acceptable, we must be the change we want to see in this world, which is why we are taking our fundraising to the next level and working directly with organizations currently in China and Korea to safely relocate dogs in need.

Call To Action- Last month, we were able to help Slaughterhouse Survivors raise over $15,000 to build a new shelter to save some dogs, however, the train doesn’t stop there. Once the dogs are safe, quarantined for 2 months and treated by local Vets, they then need new homes. Chinese do not typically adopt dogs as pets which is why they need to be moved somewhere that does.

Cost To Relocate- The cost to get just 1 dog to the USA is between $600 and $800 depending on the airline, volunteer and weight of the animal and 1 person can rescue up to 5 dogs at a time. We plan to start with 5 Goldens because of my familiarity with the breed and due to the abundance of them currently in China. The bigger the dog, the more meat they can provide, making Golden’s one of the most desired breed to consume.

Longterm Goals- Once we get these 5 dogs new homes, our goal is to make this a routine part of life. Save 5, re-home, save 5 more. We plan to donate a ton of our own time and money to this cause, however, we also want to make sure to help the volunteers doing the actual rescuing of these animals which is why we need to raise a good amount of money beforehand!

Your Donation Will Help- Cover the paperwork, vet bills, travel and rescue of these 5 dogs! It will also help cover their food costs and portions of the volunteers travel. Right now, volunteers use their own money to fly all the way to China or Korea to save these so we would like to help offset those costs. To donate, click here.

Fosters & Adopters- If you are interested in adopting or fostering, we could use loving foster homes or forever homes for these precious souls. These dogs are NOT your standard dog, they are abused, beaten, kicked, thrown, caged and fearful. They will need patient and loving homes from people who understand their pain and feel honored to give them a second chance at life. To save a dog’s life, please apply here.

How To Help- If you are interested in this entire process, please apply to volunteer here, the more the merrier! In the meantime, if you can help donate to this rescue mission, we will be forever grateful! ♥