If your dog or cat sleeps on a mainstream, non-organic pet bed, chances are they’re sleeping among chemical flame retardants. When they’re snoozing, they’re also breathing in toxins that latch onto dust particles in your bedroom. That means they’re spending a third of their lives breathing in things that are anything but clean, all with links to brain disorders, hormone disruptions, and even cancer. Luckily, thanks to brands like Savvy Rest, we now have a safer alternative for both us, and our pets!

Why I Love Savvy Rest-

  • Huge Variety- They offer, Organic mattresses, pillows, body pillows, sofas, cribs, pet beds, bedding, toppers + more! To see all of the items they carry, click here.
  • Consciously Sourced- All materials are ethically sourced and sustainable.
  • Certified- Savvy Rest products come with a ton of certifications! From Greenguard and USDA Organic to GOTS and Green America, Savvy Rest is the best of the best! To see all certifications, click here.
  • Handmade in the USA– All of their furniture is handmade, right here in the USA. Each piece is made just for you!
  • Pure Materials- All materials are as clean as possible, for example, their Latex is from environmentally and socially responsible manufacturers.
  • Researched– Savvy Rest is super committed to researching the best options for your home, check out their extensive research here!

Because I am a crazy dog mom, all of our dogs share the Savvy Rest Organic Pet Bed, and yes, they love it! Made with Organic Cotton Flannel and all Natural Latex, this is perfect for your fur babies and comes with options for both cats and dogs. Available in black or white, with the ability to remove and wash the lining, we chose the Natural color in the Formed Latex Large size. I love knowing that they are sleeping on a safe option and seeing them run to it makes me even happier. The second they come in the house, they both run right over to it to lay on and/or play on. It’s the perfect little doggy play mat/nap area.

To view pet beds, click here! To view which human items I have by them, click here.

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