In less than one month, the horrific Yulin Dog Meat Festival will begin and our goal here at Bunny’s Buddies is to support our China shelter friends as much as we possibly can during this horrific time. If you are not aware of what the Yulin Dog Meat Festival is, it starts June 21st and runs until June 30th in what is pretty much a mass slaughter of thousands of innocent dogs all in the name of human consumption as they believe eating dog during this time will bring them good luck. This is not just a slaughter, by the way, as they believe the dog must suffer greatly before it’s killed as they truly believe that the more the dog suffers, the more tender the meat becomes.

Dogs will be burned with blow torches, stabbed, hanged, skinned, kicked and beaten- all while they are alive. Also, if you were wondering where they find almost 10,000 dogs to murder, many are actually stolen pets, arriving in collars to the slaughterhouses.

While every year, the internet posts stories about it being banned, it is sadly still very much alive, however, what we can do is offer support to help save as many as we can. Right now, more than everĀ is when we need your help as we plan for hundreds of dogs needing help. Please do what you can, there is no amount of help that is too small! Below are ways you can help us with Yulin 2018!

How To Get Dogs Out of Yulin 2018-

  1. Donations- This is the most obvious way to help as there is no public funding for supporting these rescues. Our China shelter friends risk their lives taking in dogs during this time and will need all of the money we can raise for the medical treatment of hundreds of sick dogs. We will need thousands of dollars to treat the injuries that come in and we will also need around $800 per dog to get them safely to the USA. To donate click HERE.
  2. Safe House Construction- Our friends at Slaughterhouse Survivors were able to raise over $15,000 for their new safehouse to take dogs in, however, they are about $10,000 short of completingĀ it. By donating what you can today, it will go 100% to the completion of this safe space for dogs from Yulin to come. To donate click HERE.
  3. Adopt- To be able to take more dogs in, we must empty the shelter now to prepare. If you can adopt a dog, please consider it! By freeing up space, we will be able to help them save hundreds more. If you are open to fostering or adopting a dog, please fill out an application HERE.
  4. Volunteer- Are you able to travel to China to care for sick dogs or to bring saved dogs back to the USA? If so, we need you! This is a great opportunity for people to really make an impact by physically saving dog’s lives and bringing them over to freedom. If you are interested in fundraising to make your own trip to China, please apply HERE and will send you more info.
  5. Like. Tag and Share this. I love the saying…

If you can, adopt.
If you can’t adopt, foster.
If you can’t foster, donate.
If you can’t donate, like, tag and share!

Photo by IBI Times.